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We are a group of dedicated professionals committed to protecting you, your family members and your business with caring, personalized service. It’s difficult offering a product that we truly hope you will never need. However, in the event you are faced with a fire in your home, a vehicle destroyed, family members injured in an accident, or a lawsuit threatening to end the business you’ve worked so hard to create, we will be there with you, helping to pick up the pieces and move forward again.


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Earn a $15 gift card to Ithaca Bakery as our Thank You for referring your friends and neighbors to True Insurance! Every time you refer a friend, neighbor, co-worker – anyone! – to True Insurance, you earn a $15 gift card to Ithaca Bakery. Questions? Call us for more details on our Referral Program!

We Insure More Than:

Insured Homes
3,500 Homes

Insured Automobiles
6,000 Automobiles

Insured Businesses
700 Businesses

Insured Neighbors
15,000 Neighbors
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